Monday, August 17, 2009

Almas naughty yea...!

Menu of the day!

hehe.. donut? tp tu mcm roti je...haa..alkisahnye nk buat donut, dh siap semua adunan, dh isi inti kentang daging dlm tu, ku masukkn dlm oven (tk on) sbb nk tunggu die kembang, skali terlupe, asik sgt beinternet kn.. last2 si donut dh jd kembang setaman, dh tk blh diangkat sbb nnt kempisss... so ku terus on oven, bakar jd mcm roti inti serious, resipi ni mmg sodap, simple n lembut sgt w'pun dh 2 hari... tk caya cubalah...nk bakar mcm ni pun blh, nk goreng mcm donut pun blh..

3 cups plain flour
3 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp milk powder
2 tsp instant yeast
200ml water

Firstly, mix yeast n water, put aside..
Combine all the other ingredients..
Then mix all together until the dough become smooth n elastic..Done!

Almas baru blk school, bdn berpasir, trs tanggalkan baju kibas luar rumah, skali die ternmpk lak bowl ice cream, mama tgh mkn td atas katil (mama berinternet sambil mkn ice cream ok..hihihi)ku tk sedar, rupe2nye die amik bowl n trs mkn dgn lahapnye smpai tertumpah2... huhuhu...padahal selama ni die tk pernah sentuh ice cream pun..mana la die belajar ni ek...

Are u mad at me mama?? I'm sorry...hehehe..but it's taste nyummy...i just can't resist...

karate kid..hehehe

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Umie Yatie's gift to me...

I am soo pleased to receive a gorgeous toy from Umie Yatie (abah's sis) last nite, i'm already bored with my old toys, so that's y i kept on playing with kitchen stuff like bowls, all the spices, can foods, plastic bags etc, mama yelled at me almost that's y i really need a new toy now, thank u so much Umie Yatie, really appreciate it! can't wait to see u & Ilyas in Sept...

mama..pls stop doing that, i'm bz okey....

see my new boots? abah bought it last week n i dun have any chance to wear it @ school since i still got flu, mamaaaa!!! let's take a walk outside plssssss.....

yeayyy!!! ev'tho i can't go to school at this moment, i still got a new toy, i even can ride on it! yeeehaaaa!! thank u soooo much Umie Yatie, really enjoy play with it, i want more, can i?? hehehe

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

pics update..

Menu of the day..Chic fried spagheti..looks yummy isn't it? muehehehe..
Very easy to prepare, full of nutrition n yet delicious!

Boil a packet of spagheti & toss
Heat a pan & add butter, leave until it melted then add shallot (chopped),
then add chicken, brocolli, oyster sauce, tomato puree,black pepper, stirfry sauce sesame seed, capsicum, sugar n salt.. cook for about 5mins, then add the spagheti...done! simple!

Everyone had to bring potluck for desert, so i decided to make trifle..

Perjumpaan dgn PTD from Malaysia..

Almas's friends..

Nasi beriyani in the house!

Boyfriend Almas, Afiq...haha

wth Pn.Siti, K.Ku, K.Nija, n Aizal..

Almas n Fudail..

apa la abah wat muka almas mcm ni...

we'r @ Malaysian nite.. with Faizah n Noreen..

si tanggang berarak..

Tanggang n his wife.. soo dramatic..

Almas in her carseat...

@ Botanic Garden..

excitednye die tgk ducks...

rock garden..

Almas feed the ducks..

mama posing..hehehe

En zaini lak posing...

very beautiful lanscape here...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wanna see more pics? hehe..

Salamss... hehe, just wanna update few more pics of almas n me, will add some more next week wokey!

why everytime i got pregnant, i will craving sundae choc Mc'd?? why? why? why?!!! mende ni la penyebab berat bdn ku naik 4kg in a month, @ my 1st pregnancy!! Oh my!!! will it be the same this time?? no pls!!! agaknye ni la penangan bb girl, i thought this time it will be different cz awal2 dulu cukup menci tgk cekelat ni, but now dh lain, tgk cekelat dh leleh2 air liuq...
td we singgah drive thru Mc'd nk order sundae, then they asked, do u want small or large? huhuhu... kt sini ada sundae large hokey, gue dgn sepantas kilat ckp large pls!!hihihi, terkedu en.zaini, sundae large kt sini 3 dollar, en.zaini pun berkata, cream saje dh 6 hengget, hehe, ok la tu, sundae choc nye tinggi, ada 2 layers of choc, ingat blh mkn 2 hari, skali smpai umah... licinnnn......
tk blh jadi nih, td timbang dh 54kg (7mths), agak2 blh tk maintain smpai deliver nnt?? muahahaha... if berterusan mkn cekelat, kirim salam la ek.... huhuhu...tulunnn....

Almas excited nmpk mainan kt mall, tp bile naikkn, tknk plak, ngada2 tol anak daraku ni...

Window shopping @ town..